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 Antonio Gurdjieff Gomez de Mello Martins, MBA

„Being part of the MBA programme in European Management at the Europa-Institut was a rich, extraordinary experience. I joined the team as a part-time student to align my scientific background with my inclination toward business developments and I could not have hoped for a better match. With a variety of highly relevant subjects both in Germany and abroad, classes are demanding and challenging, allowing students to learn first-hand the complexities of real-world business practices. The quality and relevance of the courses have direct applications in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Logistics, to name a few. All these qualities are coupled with an outstanding international team of colleagues and docents of diverse backgrounds that provide further cross-cultural and intellectual capabilities. Personally, the benefits of this MBA programme for my professional career were almost immediate and I have successfully transitioned into a competitive Business Consultant position. When looking for innovation and business acumen, the Europa-Institut is a centre for excellence.“

 Eleni Papaioannou, MBA

„In my previous job, I realised that technical knowledge alone was not going to be enough to take me forward in my career. The MBA programme at the Europa-Institut provided me with the business and economic basics that I had been missing. I now work for Fresenius Medical Care in Bad Homburg, where I am able to put both my technical and business knowledge to good use. Things couldn‘t have been better at the Europa-Institut.“

 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Köhler, MBA

„After my graduation as a mechanical engineer, I realized that additional skills in business administration and management might be very helpful in my professional life. I made my decision for the Europa-Institut at Saarland University because of their very flexible part time MBA programme.“

Chen Wang  Chen Wang, MBA

„Business students have the reputation of hard working and this is exactly the requirement from Europa-Institut, Saarland University. It is not only about what the University could offer you in a paper degree but also the changes and innovations you could bring to other of your classmates. As one of the very first and leading business schools in Germany, this MBA programme has a perfect combination of cross cultural management with focus on Europe and intellectual capitals which you should gain during your MBA studies. Through its increasing international network and alumni activities, the students have the chance to be better prepared to enter the labor market again after their MBA.“

Tanja Fell Tanja Fell, MBA

„The MBA programme at the Europa-Institut in Saarbrücken is very demanding: courses are great but tough and working in groups with people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds is a huge challenge. However, you have to operate at your supposed limits, if you ever want to go beyond them. This is what the programme has to offer and I am happy that I have seized the opportunity to push my own limits!“


Miriam Schmidt Miriam Schmidt, MBA

„Am besten gefällt mir am MBA-Programm die familiäre Atmosphäre und die große Internationalität. Es macht Spaß so viele unterschiedliche Menschen aus den verschiedensten Ländern kennen zu lernen und mit ihnen zu arbeiten. Gleichzeitig ist genau das manchmal eine große Herausforderung, die aber auf jeden Fall eine Bereicherung für unser Leben darstellt.“

Lise Antoine Lise Antoine, MBA

„Da mir die hohe Reputation des Aufbaustudiengangs Europäische Wirtschaft am Europa-Institut aus diversen Veröffentlichungen bekannt war, war die Entscheidung schnell getroffen. Heute bin ich überzeugt, dass ich viel für meine zukünftige Berufstätigkeit gelernt habe.“

Sylvia Bach Sylvia Bach, MBA

„Das MBA-Programm ist für mich als Geisteswissenschaftlerin und Medienfrau eine gute Möglichkeit, tiefgreifende Kenntnisse im Bereich Wirtschaft zu gewinnen, vor allem auf internationaler Ebene. Als besonders wertvoll erachte ich die Teamarbeit – auch in kniffligen Situationen. Besser können soft skills nicht vermittelt werden.“

Christian Gansen Christian Gansen, MBA

„Das Europa-Institut vereint ein etabliertes und qualitativ hochwertiges MBA-Programm mit der Infrastruktur und Tradition einer großen Universität. Auf dem Campus der Uni des Saarlandes werden so beste Voraussetzungen für dieses zukunftsorientierte Aufbaustudium geschaffen, und das macht einfach Spaß.“

Daniel Hennenberger Daniel Hennenberger, MBA

„Many MBA programs claim to be truly international with a high level faculty, and develop analytical as well as strategic business excellence through extensive case studies. Within Europe, there’s only one that can keep this value promise combined with expertise on European matters: The MBA at the Europa-Institut. You get this unique value for a very reasonable price due to sponsoring from the European institutions as well as from German public and private organizations.“

Patricia Torre Isla Patricia Torre Isla, MBA

„Beruflich habe ich am Europa-Institut sehr viel gelernt. Das Arbeiten mit Studenten aus ganz anderen Kulturen war auch persönlich eine besondere Herausforderung und eine wichtige Erfahrung.“

 Walter Lopez Walter Lopez, MBA

„As a part-time student and professional the flexibility and quality of the program were the most important aspects to consider. Excellent lecturers combined with the favourable location in the centre of a very dynamic Europe also made the program very interesting for me.“

Céline Klos Céline Klos, MBA

„Das Zusammenarbeiten mit unterschiedlichen Kulturen und Menschen hat mir sehr viel Spass gemacht, mich in der Arbeit gefordert und auch kommunikativ noch reifer gemacht, so dass ich auf meinen international ausgerichteten Beruf sehr gut vorbereitet war.“

Suman Dey Suman Dey, MBA

„I am studying MBA in Europa-Institut, because it truly transcends all the landmarks and all the milestones. Ours is an epitome of institutional discipline providing organizational support to facilitate endearing cooperation among students from across the world.“

Daniel Henrich Daniel Henrich, MBA

„I decided to study at the MBA School of Saarland University because I was really convinced by the long standing, quality and reputation of the program. In addition to that, the international composition of professors and students gave me the opportunity to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds which was very instructive.“

Kenneth Littlepage Kenneth Littlepage, MBA

„When selecting an MBA programme one considers several things, chief among them is: „quality of education“. The MBA programme of the Europa-Institut delivers excellent one! Top notch professors and staff. The selection of courses offered through the programme provides the basis for success of its students upon graduation. Key element throughout the programme is to challenge students, to bring them to explore their boundaries and venture past them, not only as individuals but also as a team. Team building is an integral part of the programme, however the Europa-Institut takes this a step further by having a culturally diverse student body. Here again challenging students not only with the task of solving factual problems but challenging them as individuals to work with other individuals from other cultural backgrounds. That not being enough the Europa-Institut packs three classes abroad into the programme. Simply incredible!! The range and reach of that the programme offers to its students and their development make this programme excellent.“

Thea Fröhle Thea Löpsinger, MBA

„Der MBA am Europa-Institut ermöglicht mir wirtschaftliche Kenntnisse in einem internationalen Umfeld auf eine sehr intensive, spannende und vielseitige Art zu erlangen bzw. zu vertiefen.“

George Nioradze George Nioradze, MBA

„Für meine spätere Berufstätigkeit war mein Studium sehr interessant und hilfreich. Besonders hervorheben möchte ich jene Kurse, die mehr praxisorientiert waren. An mein MBA-Studium am Europa-Institut werde ich mich noch lange gut und positiv erinnern.“

Rongrong Luo Rongrong Luo, MBA

„Combined with my electrical engineering background, MBA study upgraded my profile and enlarged my social network. I chose MBA School for the part-time option and liked the international modules very much: Dublin, Fribourg, Amsterdam, New Delhi, Saarbruecken… great professors and really interesting programs!“

Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Schmidt Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Schmidt, MBA

„Rückblickend kann ich sagen, dass die Ausbildung am Europa-Institut eine echte Bereicherung für mich war und meine technische Ausbildung ideal ergänzt hat.“

David Bitsadze Davit Bitsadze, MBA

„As a MBA student at MBA School I can say that I had big pleasure to have the possibility to gain knowledge and experience in such a friendly environment as provided by program managers and staff. I want to underline four main subjects that gives uniqueness to this program. First, relationship between students and program staff is on the highest level possible… The program management itself gives evident example of the highest level of business administration in real life. There is made the best environment for student to concentrate themselves on studying. Secondly, I want to point out selection of professors. Europa-Institut MBA program provides unique possibility to attend classes of professors, who are expert on their field and known in Europe and worldwide. I had a great pleasure to be one of the students of the professors in MBA program. Moreover, the MBA program gives real international experience, students from all over the world are attending the classes. During the program, students have possibilities to get known to different cultures and to acquire contacts for their future career. And last, the MBA program provides the best synthesis of theoretical and practical studying. Every theoretical information is backed with real life practical examples, visits in world leader giant companies or trips to other countries. All these facts generated creates the best environment for student to be competitive professional in labor market after graduating from Europa-Institut MBA program.“

Ljudmilla Regeniter Ljudmilla Regeniter, MBA

„The three main things that the MBA programm of Europa-Institut has given me are the global network of contacts, the ability to learn a new subject fast, and diverse soft skills like self-confidence, empathy and motivation. Today I am working in the international Human Resources company and the skills I obtained at Europa-Institut are urgent in my everyday job.“

Jae-Joong Kim Jae-Joong Kim, MBA

„Die Erfahrungen, die ich am Europa-Institut sammeln konnte, werden für meine Berufstätigkeit von großem Nutzen sein. Das Lernen am Europa-Institut wird mir ein unvergessliches Erlebnis bleiben.“

James Lewis James Lewis, MBA

„One of the most beneficial aspects of the MBA program truly lies within the case studies which enable students to learn how to work effectively and efficiently with one another under time restraints. Having the ability to communicate in German and English in order to achieve an end result is an aspect of the program that I very much enjoy. I am confident that the skills that I have obtained to work with others in an international context will significantly help me further on in my career.“

Dr. Christian Hilpert Dr. Christian Hilpert, MBA

„I decided to undertake the MBA at the Europa-Institut to sharpen my accounting and management skills and to receive a different view on business decision processes. Although the workload was intense, this was one of the most challenging times in my life. I was not only able to gain a lot of expertise, but also to learn a lot from the other members of the class, their various backgrounds and experiences.“