Academics @ UdS

You are working at a chair or research institute and you would like to take the leap from science to industry, but you lack the necessary managerial know-how to be able to apply successfully? We have the answer.

In our programme we offer in-depth managerial knowledge, especially for non-economists. We help you to gain compact professional knowledge from human resource management to business development. During your studies you have the opportunity to train for possible business situations in advance and to prepare for your new position with the help of group work and case studies that are always practice-relevant. We also highlight social and ethical aspects which, in combination with leadership competences, are vitally important for working successfully in an (inter-) national team.



You would like to study in Germany and you are looking for an appropriate programme?

We provide you with a programme completely taught in English which imparts practice-relevant managerial knowledge and leads to the degree ‘Master of Business Administration’ (MBA).

Together with the Welcome Center of Saarland University we will assist you with your visa and registration issues, questions regarding your insurance, as well as the immatriculation at Saarland University.

You would like to bring your family with you? We will be pleased to help you find suitable childcare.

The Saarland is the business location at the heart of Europe, and the state capital of Saarbrücken is the economic and cultural centre of the transborder urban area SaarMoselle. As a university, congress, exhibition and shopping town, it is an attractive location for corporate activities. With more than 15,000 companies Saarbrücken is a job generator for more than 100,000 people.
The outstanding geographical location of Saarbücken in the border triangle of France-Luxembourg-Germany means that, after completing your studies, you have the opportunity to apply for positions in three divers job markets.



You already work in a company and you now want to take the next step in your career, though you lack the necessary managerial know-how to take on a leading position? Or would you like to found your own company?
Then come to us!
We know that a lot is expected from future leaders. Within a short period of time, people who often lack the necessary training have to take on new roles and make robust business decisions. It is not unusual for such individuals to feel overburdened. In addition to other topics, we therefore suggest ways of dealing with this problem and offer compact professional knowledge from human resource management to business development. Practice-relevant case-studies oriented on real business issues give you the opportunity to train for possible business situations and to adapt to the new position.

If you intend to found your own company, you will certainly have a brilliant business idea.

But are you aware of the risks that founding a company entails? Most entrepreneurs identify financial problems as the biggest risk. But this problem is in fact only the consequence of previous bad decisions. An inappropriate marketing tool, an incorrect distribution concept or an unsuitable management approach have serious consequences on the yield of the newly founded company. It is therefore crucial that the entrepreneur understand the complexity of the market and of their own company at an early stage in order to avoid possible risks. We provide an insight into different management areas and sharpen the view for potential errors and sources of risk.