Site map of Saarland University


Travelling by car

GPS coordinates of Saarbrücken campus

N 49° 15′ 32,0″
E 07° 02′ 25,4″

From Mannheim/Karlsruhe

Take the A6 motorway as far as the exit ‘St. Ingbert West’. After leaving the motorway, follow signs to the university (‘Universität’).

From Koblenz/Trier

Take the A1 motorway as far as the Saarbrücken junction (‘Autobahnkreuz Saarbrücken’) where you join the A8 towards Karlsruhe. Continue on to the Friedrichsthal interchange (‘Autobahndreieck Friedrichsthal’) and then switch to the A623 motorway towards Saarbrücken/France (‘Saarbrücken/Frankreich’). Leave the A623 at the Sulzbach exit. After leaving the motorway, join the L126 and continue on through Sulzbach. Remain on the L126 for about four kilometres, after which you will be able to follow signs to the university (‘Universität’).

From France

If driving from Paris/Metz or from Strasbourg, follow the A4 motorway as far as junction 40, where you switch to the A320/E50 towards Saarbrücken (Note: at the French/German border, the A320/E50 becomes the A6/E50). Continue on the A6 towards Mannheim as far as the exit ‘St. Ingbert West’. From there you can follow signs to the university (‘Universität’).

From Luxembourg

Take the A620 motorway towards Saarbrücken. At the Saarbrücken interchange (‘Autobahndreieck Saarbrücken’) change onto the A6 motorway towards Mannheim. Leave the A6 at the ‘St. Ingbert West’ exit and from there follow signs to the university (‘Universität’). While this is not the most direct route to the university, it avoids the relatively complicated route through the centre of the city.


Travelling to the university by train and bus

Train services to Saarbrücken

High-speed ICE/TGV services are available from Frankfurt/Mannheim and Paris to Saarbrücken central station. Regional services run from Mainz, Trier and Strasbourg. For more information, contact Deutsche Bahn (German Rail).

Bus services to Saarbrücken campus

To get from Saarbrücken central station to the university campus, take either bus number 102 (to ‘Dudweiler-Dudoplatz’) or bus numbers 112 or 124 (to ‘Universität’). These services run every 30 minutes. For more detailed information, please refer to (online bus timetable). A complete list of bus services running to the Saarbrücken campus is available here.


Travelling to Saarland University by plane

Flights from Berlin or Hamburg to Saarbrücken take between 1 hour 10 minutes and 1 hour 20 minutes. Saarbrücken Airport is situated about 12 km from the Saarbrücken campus. The bus from the airport to the university takes between 45 minutes and one hour and costs €2.50. A taxi will take you to the university in 15-20 minutes and costs around €20.