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Housing in Saarbrücken

Saarbrücken offers a wide range of available accommodation, but there are also many students looking for a room. We therefore urge you to start your search for accommodation as soon as possible.

You are primarily responsible to take care of your accommodation. Nevertheless, the Accommodation Service can support you in your search for a room or a flat in Saarbrücken:

– You apply for a room in the student dormitories, which are under the administration of the Studentenwerk.

– We can support you if you want to search on the private market.

– You can apply for a room in the dormitories of the International Office (only exchange students).

Please see here for more information.


Student halls of residence

Please remember to apply on time!

Student hall of residence „Gaußstraße 77+79+81”

Situated in a nice area between down town and university campus

Address: Studentenwohnheim Gaußstraße, Gaußstraße 81, D-66123 Saarbrücken

Student hall of residence of the „Saarland Bauträger Immobilien-Verwaltungsgesellschaft“

Situated down town at different places:

  • Dudweilerstrasse 93, D-66111 Saarbrücken
  • Sulzbachstrasse 53, D-66111 Saarbrücken
  • Försterstrasse 70, D-66111 Saarbrücken

Webpage (with photos):

Student hall of residence „Hanna-Kirchner-Straße”

Address: Hanna-Kirchner-Strasse 4-8, D-66123 Saarbrücken

Other possibilities

Accommodation service for international exchange students: International Office, building A4 4, Tel.: +49 (0)681 302-71110

Protestant Student Association (ESG): Waldhausweg 7, 66123 Saarbrücken

Tel.: +49 (0)681 936610


Catholic Student Association (KHG): Universität Campus

Tel.: +49 (0)681 3022950


Bruchwiesenanlage, Tel.: +49 (0)6897/71428 oder Tel.: +49 (0)6897/763032

HomeCompany – Letting and sub-letting agency: Obertorstraße 1, 66111 Saarbrücken, Tel.: +49 (0)681 19445



Accommodation sharing

If you wish to share your accommodation with other students, please check the following links:

Your own apartment

If you do not wish to live in student hall or with other students, you may rent a room/ an apartment. Check the ads in local newspapers as well as the following links:

Furnished flats