(2014)”Beyond Sustainability“ takes up the subject of entrepreneurial responsibility, which is extremely relevant from an empirical point of view and an issue that today is not only high on the list of the topics for economic discussion but also high on the corporate agenda- regardless of line of business or industrial sector. Similarly, „Sustainable Management“ has developed into a highly significant socio-political matter.

13 contributions not only go into the question of what is to be understood by sustainability, but also what is really behind this concept and furthermore – what is to follow all the pronouncements.

Questions of sustainability form the conceptual framework of the programme offered by the MBA School in Saarbrücken, which is illutrated by the guiding principle „people, markets and morals“. With contributions of: Heinz-Jürgen Axt, Ansgar Belke/Florian Verheyen, Christian Berg/Stefan Hack/Constantin Blome, Dermot Breslin, Martin Dietrich/Nadine Molter/Matti Znotka, Andrea Gröppel-Klein, Christopher Hossfeld/Alain Mikol, Stefan Kolb/Joachim Zentes, Dirk Morschett/Valentin Wepfer, Christian Scholz/Stefanie Müller, Hanna Schramm-Klein/Sascha Steinmann, Volker Stein, Stefan Strohmeier.


(2006) The European market presents numerous opportunities and challenges for business entreprises. In this anthology, lecturers and researchers of Saarland University´s Europa-Institut present the latest findings and trends of their most important research topics. They discuss the present state of the art in European management, focussing on the areas of marketing and commerce, finance, human resource management and entrepreneurship, as well as European policy.

With contributions of: Christoph I. Barmeyer, Hartmut Bieg/Gregor Krämer, Udo Broll/Sabine Hansen, Benoit Heilbrunn, Karlheinz Kütling/Matthias Heiden,  Christian Scholz/Joachim Zentes, Hanna Schramm-Klein/Dirk Morschett, Bernhard Swoboda/Sandra Schwarz, Volker Stein, Ralf Terlutter/Peter Weinberg,  S. Ramakrishna Velamura/Marc Sosna, Wichard Woyke.


(2002) “Strategic Management” is modelled on the concept which has shaped the face of business teaching and research at the Europa-Institut in Saarbrücken. Important environmental changes are identified and analysed from an outside-inside perspective, and are taken as a basis for formulating strategic competitive directions. The inside-outisde perspective considers entreprises from the point of view of their organisation and human resources.

With contributions of: Philip Bourke/Ray Kinsella, Udo Broll/Jack E. Wahl, Horst Glaser, Alfred Jaeger/Zhenzhong Ma/Troy Anderson,  Karlheinz Kütting/Sascha Dawo/Matthias Heiden, Mark E. Mendenhall/Günter K. Stahl, Christian Scholz/Volker Stein,  Randall Schuler/Susan E. Jackson, Bernhard Swoboda, Jörg Uellendahl, S. Ramakrishna Velamura, Andrej Vizjak/Andreas Spiegel,  Norbert Walter,  Peter Weinberg/Simone Besemer, Wichard Woyke.


(1998) The second volume “Strategisches Euro-Management” deals with the implications of the developments within Europe on strategical competition. It focuses on the one hand on marketing and commerce and on the other hand on organisation and human resource management. It ties in with the insight of the first volume.

With contributions of: Michael Anderer, Ernst-Bernd Blümle/Rüdiger Maass, Philip Bourke/Ray Kinsella, Wolfgang Böhm, Gunter Dufey/Ulrich Hommel/Petra Riemer-Hommel, Dieter Hartwich, Peter Hartz, Alfred Jaeger, Michael J. Kavanagh/Ervin Laszlo/Christian Scholz/Volker Stein, Hans-Peter Liebmann/Georg Jungwirth, Bianka Lichtenberger, Jacques Liouville, Christian Scholz, Bruno Staffelbach, Bernhard Swoboda, Joachim Zentes.


(1995) Change is everywhere: it is getting more and more difficult – even for visionary leaders – to deal with the new challenges in their companies. This book gives answers to the main questions on issues like the European economic area, the opening of Central and Eastern Europe as well as competition, management and strategy.

With contributions of: Franz-Rudolf Esch, Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries, Klaus Macharzina/Michael-Jörg Oestlere, Heribert Meffert/Joachim Bolz, Paddy Miller, Hans Günther Meissner, Drek S. Pugh/Timothy A.R. Clark/Geoffrey R. Mallory, Christian Scholz, Randall S. Schuler, Fred Seidel, Bruno Tietz, Martin K. Welge/Andreas Al-Laham, Joachim Zentes.