You are currently viewing Announcement: 2 scholarships for the MBA “European Management” for WS 2023/24 !

We are very pleased to inform about the announcement of 2 scholarships from the Gender Equality Office for the MBA program “European Management” for the winter semester 2023/24 at Saarland University!  This great opportunity for postgraduate education is specifically available to dedicated female doctoral and postdoctoral students at Saarland University.

Many thanks to the Gender Equality Office for supporting and promoting our excellent female scientists !

The MBA program “European Management” offers a wide range of courses that will familiarize you with the latest management practices and strategies. You will have the opportunity to explore topics such as cross-cultural management, corporate governance, marketing, finance and many other relevant areas. The MBA is an internationally recognized degree that qualifies you for leadership positions in global companies.
Apply for your scholarship now! The application period runs until June 20, 2023. You will find all the necessary information in the announcement.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to advance your career and prepare yourself for an exciting professional future in the field of management!

We look forward to receiving your applications and wish you lots of success!