Research at the EIABM

Europe’s Role in Global E-Commerce

Since 2020, the research project “Europe’s Role in Global E-Commerce” has been focusing on Europe’s special position in global e-commerce, which is particularly influenced by companies from the USA and Asia. Based on a description and analysis of the market constellation and its development, selected topics are explored and the state of scientific research is deepened.

Research in the Department of Economics at Saarland University

The professors and researchers in the department of economics at Saarland University ( regularly conduct funded and non-funded research projects with a European focus.

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The following document lists selected research projects and activities related to Europe in the department of Economics at Saarland University. The overview is based on reports from the respective chairs, which have been summarised in this document by The European Institute for Advanced Behavioural Management (EIABM). The chairs in the table of contents are sorted in descending alphabetical order.

Below you will find two current research examples:

Cross-Border (E-)Commerce (Prof. Dr. Popp, Bastian, Chair for Business Administration in particular Trade Management)

Since 2018, the research project “Cross-Border (E-)Commerce” has been investigating on the one hand, how consumers perceive stationary and online retailers from another country and what their attitudes are towards them, what purchasing decisions are made in an international context and what the motives for this are. On the other hand, the perspective of the retailers is considered and their international activities and motives are examined. In addition to a global view, the research project will focus on Germany and France as the context of the study.

Branding in online marketplaces: A European perspective with special consideration of consumer identification and country-of-origin effects (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Popp, Bastian, Chair for Business Administration in particular Trade Management)

In this research project, central influencing variables of satisfaction with online marketplaces and loyalty to online marketplaces have been investigated since 2020 based on consumer surveys. The project also focuses on the importance of the Country-of-Origin-Image of the online marketplace’s country/region of origin and the identification of consumers with a certain region. A distinction is made between the regions of Europe, North America and Asia. At the same time, it will be investigated to what extent a European orientation exists and is reflected in a common identification with the European community, a European identity and European connectedness and to what extent this significantly influences purchase decisions and the selection of the online marketplace.

Research by professors and lecturers at the EIABM

The professors and lecturers at the European Institute for Advanced Behavioural Management are conducting high-quality research on innovative topics which are highly relevant in practice. The results of this research continuously find their way into teaching.
Current projects, for instance, address the following topics:

For more information on current research, we recommend taking a look at the individual websites of our lecturers. If you are interested in a specific field of research, we will be happy to establish contact with a suitable lecturer.