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M 4-2: Retailing and Logistics

First, an overview into the major developments in retailing is given. Especially, multi-,cross-, and omni-channel retailing are discussed comprehensively. Furthermore, the main aspects of retail marketing, in particular retail branding, the retail marketing mix, and category management are discussed. As a highly important function of retail management, a comprehensive insight into logistics strategies in the consumer goods sector is provided. Since internationalization is a major facet of the major retailers’ strategies, another focus of the course is on the internationalization strategies of retailers.Finally a focus on consumer behavior and the future of retailing is provided.

The course intends to provide a comprehensive understanding of retail strategies and logistics strategies. The course is not primarily aimed at future retail managers but at executives in other industries, in particular in the consumer goods industry, who need to be aware of retail strategies in order to optimize their offer to the retail sector.