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The course “Entrepreneurship” is designed to provide students with skills that will help them to be successful in their roles as entrepreneurs and to be able to apply entrepreneurial activities beyond the boundaries of small business to large organisational contexts. Students also learn about British business contexts and British culture.

Dr. Dermot Breslin’s research focuses on the development of an evolutionary approach to the study of behavioural change in organisations. This approach enables multi-perspective long-term studies to observe change in organisations.

M6-2 Entrepreneurship

The role of entrepreneurship in an economic unit has been well documented and is of interest not only to business people and politicians but also to students – the future entrepreneurs. Creating and growing a new venture inside or outside a corporation is a task that few individuals are able to accomplish, even though many profess the desire. This course is based on an understanding of strategic areas of business and applies the tools and analytical techniques of these areas to the new venture creation process in a domestic and international setting. The entrepreneurship module has been designed in a way that prepares participants very well for pursuing careers as owner/managers. It also offers a generic examination of the general principles of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity. Adopting this unit does not confine participants to the limitations of small business and its related activities. It supports the full development of entrepreneurial skills and sensitivities for use in existing organizations, to facilitate the management of change and/or the achievement or organizational goals.