You are currently viewing “European Institutions“ Course by Prof. Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Axt

The course provides students with in-depth knowledge of different political structures and processes. The course contents are taught through case studies as well as in an interactive way, like visiting a politically active institution.

Univ.-Prof. Dr Heinz-Jürgen Axt is holder of a Jean Monnet Chair. He is also director of the Jean Monnet Research Group at the University of Duisburg-Essen and Is Chair of European Integration and European Policy. Univ. Prof. Dr. Axt has been a visiting professor at the European Institute for Advanced Behavioural Management since 2001. His research focuses include European integration, EU enlargement and EU structural policy.

M2-1 European Institutions

Policy making in the European Union differs distinctly from political processes in nation states. Students learn the peculiarity of new modes of governance which have been developed in the European Union. As the process of integration is an incremental development emphasis is put on historical aspects. As the European Union has developed step by step the same holds true for relevant norms and values which were laid down in successive treaties.

Another focus of the course is decision making in the European Union. It becomes evident which actors are relevant. As policy making differs from policy to policy the course will discuss some examples of policies which can be classified either as market building (e.g. Internal Market) or market correcting ones (e.g. Cohesion Policy). The course includes two guest presentations, group discussions, two simulations and a written examination.


Student´s voice:
“It was fun to get to know European Institutions, politics is fun. The structures and procedures of different policies are interesting as well as important to know. The invited lecturers were great!” (WT 2019/20)