You are currently viewing We are very pleased to welcome Dr Silvia Scheinert to EIABM for the “Soft Skills” course.

The “Soft Skills” course is designed to teach negotiation and communication techniques in an interactive way, which can be helpful in everyday professional life as well as in meetings. The techniques learnt are applied and internalised in a final presentation.

Dr. Scheinert is a certified educator and technical translator and has been giving coachings and company trainings for technical language and communication as an independent lecturer for 29 years.

“She is a very professional teacher and the interaction as well as explanation was very good.” (WT 2019/20)

M1-3 Soft Skill

Participants will practice their intercultural and presentation skills to successfully do business in an international context. The course content will, in parts, be presented to the participants by the lecturer. Group work, panel discussions, role plays as well as seminar dialog are among the formats used to explore the different topics. Day 4 of the course will be dedicated to the participants giving a business presentation. Working on case studies will enable the participants to practice the newly acquired knowledge and put their soft skills in business to the test