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The “future of the EU” is currently on everyone’s mind and the proposals and ideas on how we can and will create the EU in a better way in the future are stacking up every day. In order to understand the background, institutions and important mechanisms within the EU, we need to look behind the facades and explore their origins.

The course “European Institutions” teaches us the understanding to grasp the (political) structures of the European Union and gives us insights into the political design, as well as their formation processes.

With the start of the course today, we are also very pleased to welcome our lecturer Dr. Julian Böcker with us for the first time. Dr. Böcker is Head of the Public Affairs Department in Brussels for EDEKA Zentrale Stiftung & Co KG and also looks back on many years of experience at the European Parliament as an Agricultural Policy Officer and Senior Policy Advisor. We wish you a successful start of the course!