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In an ever-changing business world, aspiring managers must learn to adapt to new challenges and make strategic decisions. The “Learning Business by Doing Business” course is designed for participants with no prior knowledge of financial accounting and offers a sound introduction to the basic techniques of accounting and reporting. Students will be introduced to the topics under the guidance of Univ.-Prof. Hossfeld and Univ.-Prof. Zilberberg.

Participants will learn to analyse and present the various elements of financial reports, with a particular focus on applying this knowledge to real business scenarios.

Univ.-Prof. Hossfeld’s research interests include corporate finance, financial accounting, financial statement analysis, consolidated financial statements, international accounting and accounting harmonisation. He is Director of the Master’s programme “Business Performance an Management” at the ESCP Business School in Paris.

Univ.-Prof. Zilberberg is Professor of Management Accounting and also teaches at the ESCP Business School. His research interests include Management Accounting and Pricing, Education Sciences, Technology-Enhanced Interactions in Class.