You are currently viewing Online event: European Parliament visits Saarland University as part of their “Uni-Tour”

On January 14, 10 am to 12 pm (German time), the European Parliament’s Uni-Tour will provide information about the institution of the European Union, the mission of the European Parliament, and opportunities for participation in European politics.

In addition to information about the EU institutions, the online event also includes a moderated discussion on the topic of “Climate and Environment in Europe”. The following questions, among others, will be addressed:

  • Which climate and environmental policy decisions at the EU level are the focus of public discussion?
  • What challenges does the EU face in implementing binding climate and environmental protection measures?
  • Should the money currently made available to mitigate the effects of the Corona pandemic be linked to climate-friendly investments?

The event is open to students and faculty, as well as interested members of the public. Registration is required (by January 12) by emailing to attend.

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