You are currently viewing Thank you to Professor Dermot Breslin for hosting us at Sheffield University!

Thank you very much to Professor Dermot Breslin for hosting our students for their international week at Sheffield University !

The students enjoyed their international week in Sheffield, UK very much. They came back with many valuable experiences that will have a great impact on their future studies and careers.

Professor Dermot Breslin is a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and joined Sheffield University Management School in 2008. As a chartered engineer,Dermot has over 14 years commercial experience in the steel, aluminium and paper industries, and has worked across the globe in a variety of roles including engineering design, operations and sales management. Between 1996 and 2004, he worked for the Sheffield-based engineering company Siemens VAI UK, and his involvement in a number of key sales activities contributed to the company being awarded the Chamber of Commerce Export Excellence Award in 2003.

Dermot has a B.Eng. degree in mechanical engineering (University College Dublin, Ireland), an MBA with distinction (Warwick University, UK), and a PhD in Organisational Behaviour (Lincoln University, UK). Dermot is also an adjunct professor at Saarlandes University, Germany, and visiting professor at Tor Vergata University Rome, Italy.

He has acted as guest editor for the International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Journal of Management & Governance, Associate Editor with the International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR), and Co-Editor-in-Chief with IJMR from Jan 2017. Dermot is also on the editorial boards for the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, and the Journal of Management Studies, and is currently a member of the BAM Council.

He has acted as guest editor for the International Journal of Organizational Analysis, and Journal of Management & Governance, is currently an associate editor with the International Journal of Management Reviews. He has also co-organized a number of international conference tracks and research workshops. Dermot’s research interests are in small business growth, organizational routines and changing behaviour in organizations.


Drawing on his commercial experience and ongoing research activities, Dermot is strongly committed to the continual development of learning & teaching within undergraduate business management programs. In recognition of this effort, he was awarded a Senate Award for Sustained Excellence in Learning & Teaching in 2015. Dermot currently manages two undergraduate modules.


Dermot’s research focuses on the development of an evolutionary approach to study changing behaviour in organisations (see This approach promotes longitudinal, multi-level studies of change. To date, Dermot has published and reviewed papers in a number of international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Dermot is also a co-founder of the standing evolutionary track at the EURAM annual conference. Dermot remains closely engaged with practice through consulting/research projects. These projects focus on the emergence and evolution of key competences and routines within organizations. In this ongoing research Dermot is working on a variety of approaches including longitudinal ethnographical studies, experimental methods and agent-based simulation modelling techniques. He is currently developing an impact case study with the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (SYFR) service. In this Premonition project, Dermot and colleagues have created an agent-based model which is being used by SYFR as a decision support tool to plan community fire prevention activities.