You are currently viewing Consumer Behaviour – Buying Behaviour between Conflict and Inflation

Inflation and conflict have a major impact on many different areas of our lives, including consumer behaviour. Which psychological processes underlie the effect of marketing measures and what impact this has on the buying behaviour of consumers and many other interesting questions are answered by the Consumer Behaviour course

Univ.-Prof. Andrea Gröppel-Klein has been Head of the Chair of Marketing and Director of the Institute of Consumer & Behavioural Research at Saarland University (founded by Werner Kroeber-Riel, 1969) since 2006. Since 2015, she has also been Director of the European Institute for Advanced Behavioural Management. Her research focuses include “Point of Sale Research”, “Demographic Change and the Behaviour of Older Consumers” and “Advertising Impact Research”.

Prof. Dr. Güliz Ger has been a professor at Bilkent University in Ankara for over 20 years, in addition to numerous guest professorships in Great Britain, France, China, the USA, Australia and Denmark. Prof. Ger is also the director of the Center for Research in Transitional Societies. She is concerned with the socio-cultural dimensions of consumption and markets, especially in transitional societies/groups and the related issues of globalisation, modernity and social change.