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Today the course Consumer Behaviour by Professor Gröppel-Klein and Professor Turley has started online.

Prof. Dr. Gröppel-Klein’s research foci include “Point-of-Sale Research”, “Demographic Change and Behavior of Older Consumers” and “Advertising Effects Research”. Since the summer semester of 2006, she is head of the chair of Business Administration, in particular Marketing, and she is Director of the Institute for Consumer and Behavioural Research at Saarland University.

Professor Turley teaches our MBA students as guest professor from Ireland. He teaches and researches at Dublin City University. His research focuses on consumer behaviour, market analysis and the topic “Marketing and Ethics”.

The course focuses on consumer behaviour as an interdisciplinary subject that includes psychological, socio-psychological and sociological knowledge in addition to marketing expertise. It is particularly important to recognize which psychological processes underlie the effect of marketing measures and which effects this has on the purchasing behaviour of consumers. Students will also learn to analyse the extent to which the world of experience and the media environment determine consumer behaviour and independently derive how future marketing strategies should be designed.

M6-1: Consumer Behaviour

The aim of this course is to give an overview of findings of consumer behaviour that are highly relevant to understand consumers´ responses to marketing strategies. The course intends to provide inspiration to MBA students when dealing with topics related to consumer behaviour. Also, it intends to give an up-to-date state-of-the-art overview of research on consumer behaviour to students.