You are currently viewing Cross-Cultural Management – A working world with many roots

Nowadays, our society finds itself in a rapidly increasing process of change with transnational processes, globalisation, tourism and digital transformation accelerating those developments. The world of work in particular is becoming increasingly intercultural as a result, be it in conference calls, business trips or in the everyday working environment. In order to understand what moves us forward and which doors are opened by these dynamics, we must learn to understand and accept the complexity of the cultures around us.  It is precisely these topics that are the focus of the “Cross-Cultural” Management module, led by Prof. Dr Münscher, which is being launched today.

We are delighted to welcome Prof Dr Münscher once again. Prof. Dr. Münscher is Professor of Human Resources, Organisation and Business Ethics at Worms University of Applied Sciences. He has been giving management training courses and leading consultancy projects since 2002. His main areas of expertise include intercultural training and coaching, analysing relationship management processes and applying business psychology findings in management.