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The course imparts sound knowledge in handling the data processing software SPSS and gives exciting insights into the future handling of data analysis and data processing.

Professor Temme teaches at the University of Wuppertal at the Chair for Methods of Empirical Economic and Social Research. He gives seminars on topics such as empirical management and marketing research with a focus on data collection and data analysis or “Advanced Methods in Structural Equation Modeling”.


M5-2 Data Analysis

This course focuses on various multivariate statistical methods used in analysing quantitative data for effective managerial decision making in fields like marketing or management. At the beginning, participants will be introduced to the basics of hypothesis formulation and testing. Next, the lectures cover techniques for multivariate dependence and interdependence analysis. Topics include analysis of variance, linear regression, and logistic regression (analysis of dependence) as well as cluster analysis and exploratory/confirmatory factor analysis (analysis of interdependence). Computer sessions (including exercises/case studies) using the statistical software SPSS will help participants to appropriately apply the data analysis methods covered in the lectures to “real world” problems.