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In the age of digitalisation, large amounts of data are generated every day. Prof. Dr. Temme’s course “Data Analysis” shows our students how to exploit and use this data to run a successful business.

Prof. Dr. Temme teaches at the University of Wuppertal and holds the chair for Methods and Empirical Economic and Social Research. His research focuses include data collection, data analysis and Advanced Methods in Structural Equation Modelling.

M5-1 Data Analysis

This course focuses on the challenges of managing services and delivering quality service to customers. It introduces key concepts and tools of service management. Moreover, the course will challenge participants to rethink how companies should manage their services in building their competitive strength and profitability. The course is equally applicable to traditional service companies, i.e. for-profit organizations (e.g.: banks, transportation companies, hotels, educational institutions, professional services, telecommunication, tourism etc.) as well as public/non-profit organizations (e.g.: hospitals, NGOs, schools, public agencies, theatres, museums, etc.). Moreover, the ideas presented in the course are valuable for any kind of organization that is open to take on a service perspective on their business and core competences.