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The times of the global pandemic have drastically demonstrated the special importance and explosive nature of leadership and human resource management to companies and their management personnel.
Worldwide, the pandemic has presented companies with new challenges and problems.
In the LHRM course, MBA students will learn about the diverse challenges and requirements of LHRM and put theoretical content into practice in an interactive way through discussions on practical examples and case studies.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Torsten Kühlmann has been a professor at the University of Bayreuth for 30 years and holds the Chair of Human Resource Management. His research focuses on expatriate management, international human resource management, corruption between organisations, cross-border networks, migration and knowledge management. Dr Torsten Kühlmann is Chairman of the Board of the Institute of International Communication Bayreuth and a member of the Executive Board of the Foundation of International Management in Bayreuth.

M6-3 Leadership and Human Resource Management

The goal of this course is to convey to students a way of thinking that increases their ability to understand the influence of crossing national and cultural boundaries on leadership and followership. By learning about the dilemmas and opportunities that are presented in international and multi-cultural work environments, students will be better able to effectively lead a multinational workforce in an increasingly global business environment. During the course, the students will learn to

•    understand the nature and importance of leadership
•    recognize how national cultures have effects upon leadership effectiveness
•    compare, contrast, and critically evaluate major theories of work motivation and leadership
•    utilize theoretical perspectives in analyzing and solving practical leadership challenges in multinational organizations.