You are currently viewing MBA European Management – „A Perfect Fit”

This year, the team of the European Institute for Advanced Behavioral Management has once again released a bright bunch of MBA graduates into a successful future on the international job market. Our alumnis have found very moving words for their time on the MBA program, valuable testimonials that we are happy to share with all students, alumni and prospective MBA students:

“I was looking for something really constructive, to fill in the void, for the much needed and long pending career break. The one year MBA programme, in English, from EIABM, Saarland University was a perfect fit to have a me time, in quite and charming Saarbrücken, and get insight into various aspects of human behavior essential for venturing into higher management positions. The interaction with professors, from different parts of Germany and abroad, with international exposure and students from all around the world was truly an unforgettable experience. I was touched most by the Consumer Behaviour and Sustainability courses. The Marketing course in Valencia, Spain was an icing on the cake.” – Vikram Bansal, MBA graduate 2023

We were also particularly inspired by the words of our graduate Eliana Santivanez Caro, who described in a moving speech how the MBA program did not only enrich her career, but also her personal horizons and quality of life:

“I am also very grateful to the Europa Institute and to the MBA Program at Saarland University for this wonderful year in the MBA that definitively opened many doors for me. […] It was the best decision of my entire life to study this MBA program in European Management.”

We are very proud of our graduates and look forward to supporting their diverse career paths in our alumni network in the future. Thank you for your support !