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Empty supermarket shelves, missing computer chips and high commodity prices – the pandemic poses new challenges to the retail and logistics industry. The Retailing and Logistics course teaches how tomorrow’s management can successfully master such tasks.

Univ.-Professor Bastian Popp is Director of the Chair of Business Administration, especially Trade Management and Director of the European Institute for Advanced Behavioural Management. His research focuses on “E-commerce and Innovative Media, Value Co-Creation and Price Management as well as Brand Management and Customer Loyalty, Service and Quality Management and Merchandising, Licensing and Retailing in Sports. Professor Popp is currently researching the topics of sustainability and brand management in online retailing, among others.

M4-2 Retailing and Logistics

The course gives a broad overview of the key concepts about retailing. The course starts off with an introduction to major developments in retailing. Especially multi-, cross-, and omni-channel retailing are discussed comprehensively. Furthermore, the main aspects of retail marketing, in particular retail branding, the retail marketing mix, and category management are discussed. The course also gives a comprehensive insight into logistics strategies in the consumer goods sector as it has a highly important function in retail management. Moreover, internationalization is a major aspect of the major retailers’ strategies, thus, the course sets another focus on the internationalization strategies of retailers. In addition, the course is complemented with a focus on consumer behavior and the future of retailing.