You are currently viewing Sustainability: Analysis and Solution Approaches by Professor Christian Berg – in SR 1, 08.04 pm (German time)

Professor Berg is an internationally renowned expert and leading scientist in the field of sustainability. As a guest lecturer at the EIABM (European Institute For Advanced Behavioural Management) he teaches the course Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility to our MBA students.  During the course, our students get the opportunity to discuss and learn about fascinating topics in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility.

On Monday, November 16, Professor Berg will explain his analysis and approaches to solutions in the “Abendrot” talk. For almost 20 years, the physicist and philosopher has been working on the topic of sustainability in business and science, political consulting and civil society. In the interview, Professor Berg addresses the questions of why sustainability is so difficult to achieve; what can be named as the cause of the slow progress in climate protection, species extinction or prevention of the littering of the oceans and how we can do something about it. As a solution, he emphasizes the importance of principles of sustainable action.

More about this on Monday, 16 November at 20.04 in SR 1!
(The interview will be in German.)

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