You are currently viewing “Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility“ Course by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. Christian Berg

This course gives an overview of the challenges of sustainable development. Students will address questions such as “What can companies do to operate more sustainably?”, “How can the political framework help to create the right incentives for sustainability?” and “What can each and every individual do?”. Theoretical and practical teaching elements are combined.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. Christian Berg is an internationally recognised sustainability expert and leading scientist. His areas of expertise include sustainability and social responsibility. Prof. Berg focuses on sustainable development, corporate sustainability, sustainability and IT and networking processes.


M1-2 Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility

This course gives an overview of the complex challenges of a sustainable development. Following a general introduction to the concepts of sustainability, global change and planetary boundaries, the lecture spotlights three types of challenges that a sustainable development needs to address: (re-)sources, declines, and development. It will explain the causes for non-sustainability, the political framework needed, and the implications for business: market trends in sustainability, pushing factors for and realizations of corporate sustainability (e.g. management systems, carbon footprinting, reporting) as well the role of investors.


Student´s voice:
“The lecturers were great! Professor is very smart, kind. I enjoyed all lectures. He included not only theory but also practical approach which is very useful. Experience from SAP he shared was also very beneficial. Recommend to other students.” (WT 2019/20)