You are currently viewing “Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility” by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. Christian Berg

Professor Berg is an internationally renowned expert in the field of sustainability and is main research foci are:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Sustainability and IT
  • Networking processes.

In the course “Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility” he shows which environmental topics are currently of particular relevance and how they are dealt with in business and politics and what perspectives there are for dealing with such topics. By combining theoretical and practical teaching elements, he succeeds in inspiring the students for topics such as climate change and also moral aspects in business and politics.


M1-2 Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility

This course gives an overview of the complex challenges of a sustainable development. Following a general introduction to the concepts of sustainability, global change and planetary boundaries, the lecture spotlights three types of challenges that a sustainable development needs to address: (re-)sources, declines, and development. It will explain the causes for non-sustainability, the political framework needed, and the implications for business: market trends in sustainability, pushing factors for and realizations of corporate sustainability (e.g. management systems, carbon footprinting, reporting) as well the role of investors.