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On Wednesday we welcomed our students to the interactive online course Cross Cultural Management by Dr. Julia Frisch.

We are very happy to start off the course according to schedule despite the various changes in our academic teaching caused by the current Coronavirus crisis. We transformed the Cross Cultural Management course to a new online format ensuring a high qualitiy interactive learning experience for our students. Thank you very much to Dr. Frisch for her flexibility and cooperation in making this transformation possible !

M6-4: Cross Cultural Management

Students learn about cultural influences on human resource management, communication and collaboration in international contexts. The course connects classical perspectives on culture and diversity to recent views on cultural dynamics and intercultural collaboration. Students learn to reflect on the multi-layered character of culture (societal, organizational, and professional) and the ways cultural practices work out in daily organizational life in a globalised world. The course provides students with a basic knowledge of models of cross-cultural communication and cultural theory. Participants will further get an understanding of the way culture influences the collaboration in multicultural teams or organizations. Furthermore, themes such as cultural negotiation, intercultural competence and diversity management will be addressed.